Rescue Billing Information Form

We are now accepting Rescue Billing Incident Forms online.
Once the incident is submitted, it will be directly sent to DMMS and entered for billing. To complete the online form, please have the incident report in front of you.
-- All the information with an asterisk is required to begin the billing process
-- Please fill out as much of the form as you can to ensure proper billing and payment.
-- We stress the importance of sending the Vehicle Insurance Information so we can expedite the billing process.
If you have questions concerning your access, please contact us at, or call 302-283-3300.

Incident Information

Fire Company Name

Incident Date

Incident Number

Alarm Time


EMS Unit

                   Level of Rescue

Incident Location

Incident City

Incident State

Rescue Services Provided / Equipment Used

  QTY.   QTY.   QTY.
Hand Lights (Each) Step Chocks (Set/4) Combi-Tool
Axe / Haligan Bar 2 x 4 Cribbing Spreaders
Glass Master 4 x 4 Cribbing O-Cutters
Saw-Zall Stabilization Struts Pedal Cutter
Tool Box Chains Small Rams
Thermal Imager Com-a-long Large Rams
Scene Lighting (mins) Hose Line Portable Power Unit
Debris Removal (mins) Secure Battery Mounted Power Unit
Oil Dry (Bags) CO2 Extinguisher Air Bags
Extrication Time Dry Chem Extinguisher Air Tools

Patient/Owner Information

Patient Name(s)
If from same vehicle, 1 form per vehicle, even if PRS or transported by another agency.


Patient Phone Number

Patient Address(es)

Vehicle Insurance Company


Policy Number

Insurance Agent Name


Insurance Agent Phone Number


Other Information

Vehicle Information VIN Number

Officer’s Name

Date Completed

Your Name

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Your Email Address


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